Do you enjoy Reading?


Before you start looking for members, ask yourself a few following questions.

1. Why do you want to starting a book club?

2. What do you hope to get out of it?

3. What type of people will make up the book club?

4. Are you hoping that all of you will have something in common besides relaxing and reading books, or are you looking to form a diverse group?

5.What types of books will your club primarily read? Fiction? Non-fiction?

6. One particular genre, such as romance, bestsellers or biographies?

7. Will you be rotating themes each month, like Asian literature, travel books or classics?
Do you want to lead the book club?

If so, for how long, and how much time can you devote to organizing the meetings, refreshments and discussions? If not, will other members be willing to take on these responsibilities?

How many members your club can accommodate?
Where will you be meeting meeting?
When will your first meeting take place?
How often will your club meet afterward?

What about the winter holidays and during the summer months?

Now that you have a clear vision of what you want for your book club.
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